SEO and PPC curated memes and shitposts

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It’s forensic

Title tags aren’t hard

Marketing in a nutshell?

This is how a canonical works

Sub-domains vs sub-folders

Just like all the other trees

Disavow all those non-English links!

Just one more change request…


SEO is easy!

SEO Twitter generation

Absolutely no technical debt

We totally did it for security

We’ll add the SEO on at the end!

I don’t know, what does SSR stand for?

I need to make changes to keep my job

Are links still a thing?

This seems like a simple a cut and shut audit job!

No crawling, no problem!

Keywords. Meta, keywords.

The htaccess is slow to trust

That’ll be £500, please

The quote from the other agency must have been a lot higher

But we all know 302s work the same as 301s now, right?

People are still talking about EAT?

It’s a foolproof plan

Are links even important still?

Can’t find much E-A-T here

Clicks and sessions are the same thing, right?

Just trying to do my job, man

It’s called “outreach” now

I did a course, it’s on my LinkedIn

This was the meme of June 2018, apparently

I’m an SEO copywriter!


Again, did it for security. Honest


To cc or not to bcc

If the clicks are this expensive, the traffic must be good

Totally white hat.

I’ll let them know, right after lunch

Age isn’t a thing, right?

That is a really helpful rich snippet

Cleaner than when I started

PPC is actually very straight forward

This link looks dangerous

Competitor links taste the best

Don’t tell the journo you want the link


These ones sound legit