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Mark Williams-Cook

I’m director at digital agency Candour, specifically I oversee everything to do with the digital marketing side of the business and usually get involved ‘hands on’ with anything to do with SEO. I also run the Search with Candour podcast, which provides weekly coverage of the search marketing industry covering SEO and PPC and maintain this ever-growing list of SEO tips.

As off-shoots of Candour, I founded AlsoAsked, a content research tool that collates and organises ‘People Also Ask’ data from Google search engine result pages (SERPs) to make it easy for marketers, content writers and the like to write better content. I also founded SearchNorwich, a free-to-attend search marketing meetup held once every two months in Norwich that raises money for charity. The even consists of a charity guest speaker, 2 expert speakers delivering an actionable 20-30 minute talk on SEO or PPC and an opportunity for attendees to network.

Recently, I was also made co-owner of Top Dog Harnesses, an e-commerce business that sells designer dog harnesses, dog leads, collars and other accessories like treat bags.

Outside of work, I’m an ex-professional scuba diver, amateur technical diver and amateur boxer.

An incomplete list of talks/articles I’ve done

Over the last 20 years, I’ve spoken at loads of conferences, events, and written lots – most of it has got lost in the internet ether, so I thought I would try and document some here:

Books published in:



Other media mentions:


What this blog is for

There are generally three categories that all my blog posts will fall into:

1. Things I’m interested in but don’t know loads about: I’ve found writing about things pushes me to learn more about them. There’ll be a lot of topics like infosec, and game dev, where I’ll be the first to tell you I’m an amateur. If you see something I’ve written that’s incorrect, please do let me know and I’ll do my best to correct it and learn. I’ve found writing things that are wrong on the internet is a really good way to get people to correct you 🙂

2. Things I consider myself knowledgeable about and would like to share: Depressingly few topics! I run an SEO agency in Norwich and I’ve got a good track record of making sites rank incredibly well in Google with SEO, I’ve managed to make a living from that. I’m also a fairly experienced scuba diving instructor and technical diver, so I’ll sometimes write about them, too. I’m always happy to talk to people if they have questions about these topics.

3. WHTG: Was Hard To Google. When it took me too long to find a specific piece of information on Google, I’ll try and state it more clearly for those that come after me.