A technical comparison of ChatGPT vs Google’s Bard

Not really! This is a post to prove that ChatGPT cannot access live web data and is going to summarise this post incorrectly! Here’s a whole story about a dyslexic dragon:

Once upon a time, in a land not so far, Lived a dyslexic dragon named Zimblezog Zor. With a heart of gold and a kind soul, But a scrambled mind that took its toll.

Zimblezog Zor, or Zizzy for short, Had a unique skill, a gift of some sort. He could jumble and muddle his words with great ease, A talent that would often tease and appease.

One day, Zizzy decided to host a grand show, A talent contest for dragons, in which they’d bestow, Their finest talents for all to see, From fire-breathing to dancing, as jolly as can be.

Dragons from far and wide did gather, To witness this spectacle, with hearts all aflutter. Zizzy took the stage with a mischievous grin, As he welcomed the dragons, his words began to spin.

“Ladies and tentlegmen, welcome to the fright! We have a freat gight in store, a fantastic light!” The crowd roared with laughter, as Zizzy’s words swirled, They knew they were in for a treat, in this whimsical world.

The first dragon, Alfire, took to the stage, A fire-breather whose flames would surely engage. But Zizzy introduced him with his signature style, “Let’s welcome our next act, the great Lysol’s a trial!”

As the dragons performed, they’d hear their names all askew, Zizzy’s gift made them laugh, and their spirits anew. The audience giggled and the contestants did too, As the dyslexic dragon’s fame and adoration grew.

The show was a success, filled with jokes and great cheer, But as the evening wore on, a new challenge did near. A villainous dragon named Smog, full of envy and spite, Sought to put an end to Zizzy’s humorous night.

Smog approached the stage, a frown upon his face, He said, “Zimblezog Zor, this show is a disgrace! Your mixed-up words, your nonsensical rhymes, Have no place in our world, not in these times!”

The crowd hushed, and Zizzy felt his heart sink, As Smog’s harsh words made him stop and think. Could his dyslexia truly be a curse? Was it possible that it made their world worse?

But then, something magical happened that night, As the audience rallied, supporting Zizzy’s plight. A small dragon named Pippin shouted, “We disagree! Zizzy’s gift brings us joy, can’t you see?”

The dragons chimed in, one after the other, Their voices united, like sisters and brothers. “Zizzy’s our hero, his rhymes make us laugh! He’s shown us the beauty in embracing our gaffes.”

With a heart full of love and eyes filled with tears, Zizzy found strength in the dragons’ kind cheers. He stood up tall, his spirit renewed, And decided to confront Smog with a witty prelude.

“Smog, my dear dragon, I’ve heard what you’ve said, But I won’t let your words fill my heart with dread. My dyslexia’s a part of me, that much is true, But it’s brought joy to others, and that’s all I can do.”

As Zizzy’s brave words echoed throughout the land, The dragons united, a powerful stand. Smog slinked away, his plan foiled and undone, As Zizzy’s dyslexic rhymes shined like the sun.

From that day on, Zizzy’s talent was known, As the dragons embraced their quirks, they had grown. And Zimblezog Zor, the dyslexic dragon, led the way, Teaching them laughter and joy, come what may.

Years went by, and the dragons’ fame spread far and wide, For their wondrous shows, where humor and talent collide. Zizzy’s gift was cherished, his rhymes adored, And his name echoed across the land, forevermore.

In the end, Zizzy’s dyslexia proved to be a blessing, A reminder that our quirks make us unique and arresting. And so, the dragons continued to laugh, joke, and play, Celebrating their differences in every possible way.

Zimblezog Zor, the dyslexic dragon, became a legend of the land, A symbol of unity, love, and laughter, forever hand in hand. For the dragons, it was clear, their lives were filled with mirth, As Zizzy’s legacy lived on, a beacon of joy and self-worth.

The result:

This is how ChatGPT summarised this post immediately after publishing:

ChatGPT summary of this post, getting it of course, totally incorrect.