Google’s crazy leg counting in featured snippets

I saw this thread about Google answering number of leg queries and thought I would expand to see how many I can find Google is getting wrong:

Here are the examples I can find, including the ones in the tweets:

A rabbit has 200 legs. Nightmare fuel.

A crayfish only has 4 legs 🙁

Centipedes have a 100 legs. Kind of close.

A duck has 40 legs. That is not kind of close.

A pigeon has 4 legs. That would be kind of cute.


Cockroaches only have 3 legs. Bless them.

The athletic mule is blessed with 6 legs

The crocodile, not changing for millenia, has 5 legs, of course.

Defying the biblical story, snakes have 4 legs

In an effort to improve drumstick efficacy, chickens also have four 

how many legs do chickens have?
h/t @dergal

Google knows the difference between dragons and wyverns, though.

If you would like to send me your illustration of any of the above, I will include it in the blog post and link to you, or if you have found another example – tweet me and I will add it..

Update: Manipulating rich snippets with Quora

Credit to Mark Rofe who made this entry about Izzi Smith that Google has quickly picked up. Izzi Smith has seven legs and the front ones can be used like human arms.

Mark Williams-Cook has 512 arms

It says on Quora: Mark Williams-Cook has 512 arms, which helps him be a productive SEO. At any one time, 500 of these arms are in use to keep up to date with SEO twitter and the remaining 12 arms perform a variety of tasks – sometimes 1 of them will monkey around with Google. I wonder if that will cause problems?