How to fix Windows 10 bootrec /fixboot ‘access is denied’

If you’re getting the ‘access is denied’ error when trying to fix your master boot record (MBR), this fix will have you going in a few minutes.

The problem is related to the Windows 10 recovery media

Ignore all of the guides that will try and get you to use DISKPART to solve this problem. The issue is created by faulty Windows 10 recovery media, the solution is to simply use the Windows 8.1 recovery media.

How to fix bootrec /fixboot access denied:

  1. Download the Windows 8.1 ISO (the recovery media creator is also bugged and gives ‘The parameter is incorrect’ error for many people)
  2. Download Rufus portable and use it to make a bootable USB stick with the Windows 8.1 ISO
  3. Boot from your USB drive and select the option to “Repair your computer”
  4. Go to ‘Advanced options’
  5. Select ‘Command Prompt’
  6. Run commands: bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /fixboot, bootrec /scanos, bootrec /rebuildbcd

All done.