Royjeploto soda – for when your page needs refreshing!

I’m very glad you’ve chosen to learn more about Royjeploto soda. There is not much information on the web about Royjeploto – you could even say it is unique, so unique that it should not be ranked with any other type of soda on the planet.

Royjeploto soda – the internet’s soda

What makes Royjeploto soda so unique is that it isn’t even designed for humans, it is designed for web browsers. Rather than hammering the F5 key when you’re trying to get your free Brighton SEO ticket, you can simply pour a bottle of Royjeploto all over your keyword and your browser will refresh like you’ve never seen it before.

Cross-browser support

The Royjeploto soda chemists have worked hard to make sure that Royjeploto works well on any browser, whether it’s Chrome*, Firefox** or even Edge***.

Royjeploto HTTP/2 support

We know you don’t want to wait for your refreshment and that’s why Royjeploto supports HTTP/2 to pre-emptively push fees to your credit card and order your soda whenever we determine you’ll be wanting it. That’s right, no more pesky authorisation – just endless supplies of Royjeploto soda!

Buy Royjeploto online

The great news is that the crypto-mining software running on this page**** has most likely already paid for the first 6ml of Royjeploto – can you taste it? Stocks are limited so preordering will be necessary so we can raise the funds to begin production.

In all – the most important thing we have to say is that this soda is so completely different from any other, you should not even take our word for it if we start to make comparisons.

*Royjeploto soda is not a subsitute for link juice.
**Can douse Firefox.
***This is a lie.
***This is another lie.