Grunkbunkala soda – a drink for #influencers

If you’re reading this, it means you’re part of our highly-exclusive, free for all, micro-influencer Grunkbunkala launch event!

Grunkbunkala soda – a soda of #influence

Soda is not just soda anymore. We’re taking the internet by #storm to prove that even a mediocre product with an awful name can be popular if we can get the backing of enough people desperately clambering for fame and recognition themselves.

We are here with you, to 👏 ride 👏 that 👏 wave 👏 upwards.

VIP Grunkbunkala influencer packs

If you make us look important, we’ll make you feel important. Your Grunkbunkala #haul will look great being unboxed, as you unwrap layer after layer of single-use plastic to reveal the exclusive 222ml bags of Grunkbunkala.

Packaging as malleable as your morals

Grunkbunkala is about empowering you, the rabid consumer. That’s why all Grunkbunkala soda is being packaged in clear, plastic bags. Whether you want to slip some Grunkbunkala in your pocket to pierce and decant* over lunchtime at Greggs or simply try to smuggle it onto that Easyjet flight, the power is with you.

Cross-platform support

Whether you’ve got 2,800 followers on Instagram or 500 Bebo-buddies, we need to hear from you. Our micro-influencer outreach is ensures we can say we’re doing influencer marketing to our board while still saving the majority of our marketing budget to do the billboards that the director wants.

A soda story

We need our sofa to be the soda of Instagram stories. We’ve all seen influencers filming themselves with careful product placement – we need to go a step further. We need total fusion of body and brand. As part of the influencer marketing agreement**, we will require you to speak to your audiences as you are drinking the Grunkbunkala soda. With the bag delivery mechanism, our scientists tell us it should be possible to fit an entire 222ml bag in your mouth, to pierce with your teeth, during promotional messaging***.

*Decanting is recommended to remove by-product sediment from mass-production
** You have already agreed to this by reading this web page
*** You are required to say “Grunkbunkala soda” at least once every 26 seconds